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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Upper Body Weight Training Session

The soreness in my left big toe is starting to feel better, after my chiropractor visit on Monday.  I'm glad this foot pain is starting to go away, because I was starting to get nervous.  I don't want any long-term injuries, or short-term taking me out of the race.

I noticed a Soloflex add on my blog today, provided through Google AdSense.  I remember seeing the commercials for them on TV as a kid.  Apparently, you don't buy a new one, but you can new straps.  I guess so many people had them collecting dust in their garages and basements that they decided it was cheaper to refurbish them.  The price on one of these isn't that bad if you go off of CraigsList, and I'm starting to think of one of these instead of a Bowflex gym.  I don't really know if the Soloflex is a legitimate exercise machine, or if the rubber bands are going to hold up as long as their claimed lifetime.  I would like to talk to someone who owned one, but I don't know enough people in the appropriate age bracket.  I'm sure I could find some answers online, but it's not worth looking into until I have a place large enough for a home gym.

I'm going to do a big run tomorrow, to see if I should actually be entering this race.  I'm going to do 8 miles at Skegg's Point, where I ran the other day.  I decided to skip doing lunges, as I don't want to have tired legs tomorrow.  Today is just an upper body workout.

Today I did the following:
  • 25 push-ups on the ground x3
  • 15, 20, and 25 rep bicep curls with 20lb weights, at a slow pace
  • 15 20 and 25 overhead dumbbell press instead of lateral dumbbell raises, I alternate between these 
  • 25, 35, and 50 reps of sit-ups 

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