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Friday, September 17, 2010


Even with a sore back from yesterday's day laborer work, I pushed through and did four miles after work.  I am quite pleased with myself for this.  Three miles was getting easier, so it was time to jump up a level.  Much like when I first did two or three miles for the first time, the last mile is where it really hurt.  I focused on keeping my stride and breathing steady, and I think that really helped me keep going until the end.  I was running like a machine that couldn't be stopped.
I did notice some pain in the second knuckle of my left big toe.  I have a feeling this is from the hip and knee issue I mentioned previously.  It's as if the toe was being pushed toward my other toes, at the ball of my foot.  This makes sense if you look at the other joint issues I am having.  Looks like my pelvis is out of alignment or tilted, causing my left knee to buckle in, which finally tilts my foot inward and puts pressure on my foot at the ball.  Normal walking around raise any flags that this was happening, and actually went completely unnoticed.  Sit-ups, lunges, and consistent running brought these issues out and showed that they are linked together.  I actually called my chiropractor yesterday, and I have an appointment for next Monday.  It will be nice to be all straightened out for once.

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