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Friday, September 10, 2010

Three Miles.....Slightly Easier

Today is a run day, so I did three miles like I did two days ago.  It was slightly easier this time, which means I'm making progress.  I started out feeling a little muscle fatigue, and I'm not sure if running every day is a good idea.  Yesterday I ran two miles, just to get some cardio in.  I think finding a different exercise on the non-running days would be better.  This is part of the problem of getting in shape, is the fatigue from overdoing it or from shaping up?  What is normal and what is going to lead to injury or worse, permanent damage.  I did notice some foot pain in the middle of my left foot, but it wasn't terribly bad.  I'm hoping it's just from running three days in a row, getting used to consistent running, the Vibram shoes causing weak parts of my foot to be in use, or a combination of these factors.  I'll have to monitor this, as I don't want any long-term injuries.

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