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I am running to raise money for The Wounded Warrior Project.  This foundation provides direct services to veterans and active military, aiding those wounded in the line of duty.  You can make a contribution here or by clicking the image to the left.  Every little bit helps me reach my fundraising goal.  Please post a note on the Sponsorship Page, letting me know you donated.  Thank you for your contribution.


I am always tired.  I mean really tired.  I have been battling sleep-apnea for my entire life.  My energy level is always very low, and any I do have is tapped rather quickly.  I have tried to get in shape many times, but my efforts usually yield no result from failing to be consistent. I want to be consistent, but most days I am dragging myself out of bed and can barely make it through the day.  Using a CPAP machine has helped with my sleep, and I am now feeling more like a regular human being.  Now that I can do normal activities, I want more.  I want to feel stronger, have even more energy, and have more stamina.
Sleep-apnea isn't the only issue I face, as I have always had back problems.  Usually I can just go to the chiropractor for an adjustment, but going every month is quite costly without health insurance.  I have noticed the few times I was a bit stronger, that my back either self-corrected itself while exercising or I didn't need to go at all.  I know regular physical activity will help, so I need to stay on top of maintaining a higher level of activity.
Having Tough Mudder as a goal, I am able to stay focused on whipping myself into the top physical condition my body is able to achieve.  I want to feel good, have energy, feel strong, and be in great health.  That's my real goal, to have the best health I can.

My new running shoes kind of look like ninja shoes.  This gave me the idea to run the Tough Mudder with a team of ninjas.  I think it would be hilarious for us to wear all black running cloths, a ninja hood/mask, and some cheap plastic kids ninja toys.  
I soon learned that ninja is a different pronunciation of the two kanji characters for the word.  The correct pronunciation is shinobi-no-mono, which is often shortened to shinobi.  Even though ninja is more commonly recognized, it bothers me to not call something it's correct name, i.e. it's Deutschland, not Germany. Hence, the title of this blog Tough Mudder Shinobi, a.k.a. Tough Mudder Ninja.