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Friday, August 20, 2010


I wanted to skip a workout today, but forced myself to keep focus.  I did one hour of cardio on the stepper machine, hoping to be back to running next time.  Pushing it to one hour was difficult, but my legs held up fine.  I did a few minutes of two steps per minute, and then ramped up to do a squating while bending faster paced burst.  Bending over like that is ment to simulate some of the obsticles I will face on the course.  This was pretty tough, but cooling down to my regular pace did help.  I can now see how people are able to do longer workouts, as they aren't going full board the whole time.  Afterward, I did twenty minutes of streching, to be sure that I don't spend two or more days recovering.  Then I had my after workout nutrition, and went on with my day.  I did have a ton of energy and was very active for the rest of the day, so I see why people workout first thing in the morning.

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