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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marco..........Polo..........Fish Out of Water!

Went for a swim in my brother's pool today, for the first time in years. I hate chlorine, so I have only been in a pool a few times this past decade. We did every type of stroke we could remember, and let's just say my form could use some work. I did push myself until I was winded, and that is my main goal with each workout. I need to push my lungs and heart, to develop more stamina.
Later I went dancing to get some more cardio. Unfortunately, where I went kind of sucked, so I didn't do as much dancing as I should have. On the bright side, my calves are feeling much better after the days activities. I also learned that VFF are great for dancing. Every pair of the many shoes I own allow my feet to move differently. Several styles of footwork require a specific soled shoe, but I can do most all of them while wearing VFF. That's one more point in favor for my experimental shoes.

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