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Monday, October 04, 2010

Race Info and Therapy

Tough Mudder posted the Sunday start times, and it looks like there are only two slots now.  I originally signed up for 2pm, so I could leave my house around 9 or 10AM.  Now there are only two groups, 10 and 11AM.  I am going to have to start adjusting my sleep now, so I won't be so drained from waking up at 5AM to drive out there.  I may sound like a Nancy boy by complaining about waking up at what doesn't seem so early, but it's due to my sleep apnea.  I don't do well with changes in my already problematic sleep.  I've looked into hotels in the area, and there are a few for $60 - $100, but those prices don't include taxes and fees.  I can barely afford the gas to get out there with the entry fee, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about this.

With the race coming this Sunday, I'm taking no chances with my left foot and right Achilles tendon.  You may have already noticed that I haven't been running.  I want my feet to be in the best health possible, so I am giving them a rest until race day.
Tonight, I am soaking them in an Epsom salt bath with hot water.  I know some say this is an old wive's tail, but what if it does work.  I bought a huge 1 gallon carton for $3.50 at the local drug store, so this isn't costing me very much money.  I poured about a cup into a few gallons of hot water.  I can't really tell if this is working on the tendon, because it doesn't hurt under normal use.  The foot is feeling a bit better, but i'm not too concerned about the foot.  I continued the soak until the water was lukewarm and added more hot water.  I think the total was around 60 minutes.

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